Beneficial effects of sun exposure on cancer mortality?

Gord Ainsleigh is a spokesperson for the sunbed industry. He is not a dermatologist at all, he's a chiropractor with a long-distance habit of running.

H Gordon Ainsleigh, DC
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H. Gordon Ainsleigh's message has been amplified by many people who basically have a vested interest in advancing the sunbed industry who hire people like Hulk Hogan, a former "steroid" addict, and Arnold Schwarzenegger, a cigar aficionado, and former fitness advisor to a President to help fortify their point of view that "Bronze is Better". .

Title: Beneficial effects of sun exposure on cancer mortality.
Author: Ainsleigh H Gordon
Source: Preventive Medicine, 22:132-40, 1993 Jan
  • For more than 50 years, there has been documentation in the medical literature suggesting that regular sun exposure is associated with substantial decreases in death rates from certain cancers and a decrease in overall cancer death rates. Recent research suggests that this is a causal relationship that acts through the body's vitamin D metabolic pathways. The studies reviewed here show that
  • sunlight activation is our most effective source of vitamin D; (how does he define "effective source"?)
  • regular sunlight/vitamin D "intake" inhibits growth of breast and colon cancer cells and is associated with substantial decreases in death rates from these cancers; (how does he know it isn't something else in diet, like say cheese?)
  • metabolites of vitamin D have induced leukemia and lymphoma cells to differentiate, prolonged survival of leukemic mice, and produced complete and partial clinical responses in lymphoma patients having high vitamin D metabolite receptor levels in tumor tissue; (Humans are not mice)
  • sunlight has a paradoxical relationship with melanoma, in that severe sunburning initiates melanoma whereas long-term regular sun exposure inhibits melanoma;
  • frequent regular sun exposure acts to cause cancers that have a 0.3% death rate with 2,000 U.S. fatalities per year and acts to prevent cancers that have death rates from 20-65% with 138,000 U.S. fatalities per year; (How many studies have shown that?)
  • there is support in the medical literature to suggest that the 17% increase in breast cancer incidence during the 1991-1992 year may be the result of the past decade of pervasive anti-sun advisories from respected authorities, coinciding with effective sunscreen availability; (Prove it!!)
  • trends in the epidemiological literature suggest that approximately 30,000 U.S. cancer deaths yearly would be averted by the widespread public adoption of regular, moderate sunning. (and in addition to giving up steroids, Hulk Hogan will surrender his Sun Industries built beds, and Arnold Schwarzenegger will be the first Secretary of Tanning)

Views from behind the Golden Haze

Terry Polevoy, MD, FRCP(C)

20 September 1997

If it walks like a duck, and it quacks like a duck, it must not be a duck, . . . right?

Again, I am not a basic scientist, just a poor doctor of medicine who happens to have been intimately involved with someone who died of melanoma in 1993. That was the year that the noted article above hit the medical library shelves, and the very year that the sunbed industry started increasing their hold on more victims.

I see skin cancer every week, and see how it ravages families. Yes, some of those cancers were actually iatrogenic. Doctors of medicine, yes even doctors actually used x-rays, and ultraviolet light to treat acne many years ago. But the majority of new iatrogenic cancers will be thanks to the Ainsleigh's of the world, who allow their "academic" work, sorry their pseudo-scientific hobbies, pass as gospel. Those "doctors", and there are others, who have allowed their own articles to be used by others to injure and maim unsuspecting victims are guilty of "melanomagenesis".

But, why should a chiropractor, a competitive runner to boot, lay claim to having discovered the cure for 30,000 cancer cases a year? Why "doctor" Ainsleigh should be given the Nobel Prize for medicine, but that would have to undergo peer review, and stand the test of time.

There are too many gurus in the world, too many saviors, too many experts appearing on talk television, or who write their weekly column in the "dogpatch" news to worry about. But, when a person who earned a degree from some chiropractic college allows his name to be used knowingly, that puts him in another category. When he cavorts around in the same halls as screen super heroes, and half-naked women hawking sunbeds, that's when it gets just a little bit dicey.

He isn't the only one who has allowed his name to be used by the suntan industry. At least two dermatologists, one of them the president of a major Canadian dermatological society have also allowed their names to be repeatedly referenced. Why haven't they sued the industry, or confronted them in public? Why aren't they on Oprah, or Jerry Springer with their melanoma patients exposing those sleeze bags and slime balls who have co-opted their research, taken their radio interviews out of context, and parlayed it into a windfall profit for themselves, and cemetery plots for our children?

Unfortunately, the people at the International Smart Tan Network, like that lame brain Joseph A. Levy, still say that there are "risks in avoiding the sun". Last winter they spent big bucks trying to negate the cold facts that melanomas are created by sunbeds. That is indisputable. It is not an issue up for discussion.

Remember, California Tan had just been whipped by the FTC in December 1996. They lied about the benefits of the sun, and yet Joey "U.V." Levy found that hard to swallow. The Big Lie created by him evolved into the INTERNATIONAL SMART TAN MONTH. The month of March 1997 was the end-all and be-all for their industry of vultures.

Newspaper ads were created especially for U.S. and Canadian salons who were falling flat in their profit margins. For a good look at their mailer to those salons just click here.

Ten years ago, Sun Industries, of Jonesboro, Arkansas was charged by the FTC for lying to the public, along with other companies. They just don't get it. All they care about is their profit margin.

Over the last decade their industry has convinced 2 million people to become regular customers in North America. Over 70% of them are women. But the manufacturers keep lying, and people keep burning. Only you can do something about it. You can earn big bucks killing people slowly with a tan or you can ask your legislature to end the death of tens of thousands from melanoma at the hands of a not-so-silent killer, The International Smart Tan Network.