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ISCAN is the world's only web site dedicated to educate the public about the sunbed and tanning industries. We advocate for legal and government action to help control the false advertising by franchisees of large multi-national corporations that support the tanning industry and promote their use. We will also help those who feel that they have been injured by sunbeds find the necessary help if they want to pursue actions against them.

Sunbeds are big business around the world, and there is no justification for their use. Governments around the world have tried to legislate against their use for adolescents, but the fact remains that these monsters continue to prey on our children without end.

Skin cancer, premature aging, depressed immunity, and a host of other conditions are linked to the use of sunbeds. Many operations are in health clubs, and in facilities across the world that are not supervised or inspected by health departments. Used beds are sold in the newspaper and on the internet without any certification. The potential for uncontrolled exposure to dangerous ultraviolet rays increases day after day.

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Terry Polevoy, MD