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International Skin Cancer Awareness Network

International Skin Cancer Awareness Network


You wonder why we need the government's help to crackdown on false claims made by Sunbed operators?

Tan Factory outside Dr. Polevoy's office - London
520 Sarnia Rd. - London, Ontario
Next to Dr. Polevoy's Acne Clinic
Building owned by Shoppers Drug Mart
Tan Factory - London, Ontario - Dundas St.
1925 Dundas St. E. - London, Ontario
Hollywood Tan - London
Wonderland and Southdale Rd.
Kokomo's London where they specialize in Grade 8 proms
Kokomo's is where they just love to offer tans to Grade 8 students

Tan Factory on Sarnia Rd. London
Tan Factory in front of Dr. Polevoy's old Acne Clinic on Sarnia Road, London


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