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International Skin Cancer Awareness Network

International Skin Cancer Awareness Network


Caveat emptor - Let the fryer beware

U.S. News & World Report and other major media critical reviews


  • web site This multi-media site is really interesting. Only in a tanning salon booster's site would you have a picture of Kool and the Gang that appeared a few years ago at a sunbed industry convention in Las Vegas. Note the emphasis on PAC efforts to keep tanning in a positive light.
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  • Gordon Ainsleigh's monumental tome about the fact that sunbeds will save 30,000 lives a year. Then send him a note, because he doesn't have an e-mail address. Then ask him if he didn't earn money allowing his name to be used by everyone under the sun in the sunbed killing industry, what basically is he in this for? Does he have death wish? Or, is he, like O.J., who was with the Swiss Army Knife, and RJ Reynolds people on their rubber chicken circuit, just another weary traveler in the night, not knowing where he is? OR, is really just hiding the fact that he may have a contract with the International Sun Tanning Network.
  • SkinBiology - it helps men's sex life?
  • - They mention that doctors once performed lobotomies. In my humble opinion, they haven't even touched the surface of their own mind. Perhaps the industry push to lightly fry our children with u.v. stemmed from the need for a minor frontal lobe adjustement.

  • SUNDASH - Sun Business Magazine - SUN Business 2004, The year 2004's complete guide to the business of indoor tanning is back and you can download your full color copy right here! See how to reach your market, how to create an endless season, how to handle the price shopper, right here, right now, without having to wait on the mail.
  • Want a used bed? - SUNDASH calls it BEDTRADER.COM - Bed Trader is a service center that sells and accepts trade-ins of all makes and models of used tanning beds. Many of these beds are factory refurbished with warranties and are considered to be in LIKE NEW condition! You may also trade in a bed, and use it's value toward a new purchase.
  • Sundial introduction to sunbeds - Special booklets on cancer, positive effects, and buying tips
  • Tanning Salons: What's this, their liability insurance doesn't cover melanoma and skin cancer? Pity, eh?

Quirks and Quarks about sun beds:

Unexplained mysteries about people who tan


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