SUN MAGIC Tanning Spas lie to public in Waterloo Coupon Clipper

12 September 97

In a full page ad in the Kitchener-Waterloo area Coupon Clipper, the SUN MAGIC Tanning Spas ad continues unabated. The ad uses the California Tan semi-nude model with the clever caption that reads "Discover the positive effects of the sun".

In a landmark prosecution in November, 1996, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission forced California Tan's parent company know as California SunCare to cease advertising the positive effects of the sun. Not only that, but they had to place prominent cautionary statements in all future ads and labeling for their tanning products.

I spoke with Toby Levin the chief FTC attorney on the case today regarding the use of California Tan's (CT) logo and misinformation. She stated that if the company using the CT ad is based in Canada, we have to complain to the Bureau of Competition in Hull, Quebec. If SUN MAGIC Tanning Spas has sold a franchise in the States, and if that franchise is using the ad, and the wording that exists in the Canadian ad, they would be out of business. If you want to reach someone at California Tan, you can e-mail Cheryl Stone at their headquarters, or visit their website directly. If you can find the FTC stuff on their web pages please let me know.

The Bureau of Competition is part of Industry Canada, and has a very good web page, but there is absolutely no information about sunbed regulation, or lawsuits about them on their webpage. Try as I may, I could not find any information on their site using their Search Engine.

It is obvious to me that lies and deceit abound in that industry and it is about time that we let them know how we feel. If you are concerned, go to their site and leave them e-mail that you want something done about an industry that preys on our children, lies in their advertising, and is totally unregulated by any branch of government.